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E14 ITT Laing Thermotech Xylem Goulds E-14 Spa Circulation / Filtration / Heating Pump

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Ultra-Efficient genuine E-14 Goulds Laing spa circulation pump. Same threads to suit major brands' barrel unions. This is the most economical circulation / filtration / heating pump on the market. It literally can pay for itself in running costs in the first year! The E14 is one of our favourite pumps. It only uses 115W of power. Comes with standard AMP plug. Other plugs available.

Can be used to replace many other pumps such as the QB035, XS3C, Balboa Circ, Aquaflo Circmaster. For spas with 2-8 seats, and that don't have a heat pump.

- Shipped Fast from NSW, VIC, QLD. 


  • Max Capacities: 40 GPM / 150 LPM
  • Max Head: 9.5’ / 2.9m
  • Pipe Connections:
  • 1½” Buttress Threads Suction and Discharge
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 29 PSI / 2 bar
  • Maximum Temperature: 140°F / 60°C
  • Rotation: counter clockwise when viewed from wet-end


  • Electronically Commutated Spherical Motor
  • Canned Spherical Motor Type
  • 230 Volt 115 Watts 50/60 Hz, 2700 RPM
  • Automatic Overload Protection
  • Low In-Rush Current

More Info:

  • Goulds Water Technology / ITT Laing Thermotech / Sundance / Hot Spring / Watkins
  • E14-NSTNDNN2W-01-10 / E14-NSTNDNN2W-01
  • 6080U0014
  • 1-1/2" Buttress Thread
  • Circulation Spa Pump, 230 Volts, 73348/X400825/37749, 1/40 HP
  • 1/2" MPT Thread Suction Connection Size
  • 1/2" MPT Thread Discharge Connection Size
  • High density ceramic bearing ball and graphite impeller bearing cap designed for high efficiency and long life.
  • Highly efficient and ultra quiet spherical motor design. Pump is designed for continuous operation. All ratings are within working limits of the motor
  • Unique patented design has no mechanical seal which is a potential leak path.
  • Embedded microprocessor control is self-regulating 

Common Part Numbers:

  •  73229, 73348, 37749, 10-0107, X400825, 6080U0016, 733886733488, LMB07102983, LHB07100142, LHB07100027, E-14-NSTNDNN2W-02, E14NSTNNN2W-10

*Warranty: 1 Year. Return for assessment.    

  • If replacing an older pump with a strainer, please remove the strainer, as it can restrict flow, and will void warranty if this damages the pump.
  • Avoid using any kind of clarifier in the water, as they can invisibly block the cartridge filter.
  • We always recommend replacing the cartridge filters, and refilling the spa without any use of clarifiers, when replacing these pumps.
  • The manufacturer will not cover improper installation, poor chemical balance, running dry, or restricted water flow.
  • Pump must be fitted exactly horizontally. Failure to do so will cause pump to bmrun out of balance and scrape internally.
  • See images below for evidence of scratches caused by running dry. Ensure on installation, and after each refill of the spa, that the circulation pump is primed and correct water flow is observed. An air-locked pump will fail due to dry running which is not covered by warranty and may result in a new pump being required. 
  • Bromine use, or other corrosive substances voids warranty. 
  • Warranty Notes: Pump must not be modified in any manner. Send pump back for assessment. Please provide photos of installation.

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