Temperature Sensor (Thermistor) for all Hurlcon Astralpool Jacuzzi Heaters

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Genuine Astral Hurlcon Temperature Sensor (thermistor) Lead. Suits all Hurlcon and Astralpool heaters with Digital Thermostat since 2001. Replaces all older Black, Red, and Yellow wired temperature sensors. May resolve F0 error or false temperature readings. Part 70276. Often temp sensors fail when water has leaked into the brass well

Shipped Fast from NSW, VIC, QLD. 
Pick-up is available from our Showroom at 10 Industry Blvd, Carrum Downs Vic during business hours.

This Temp Sensor Fits the Following Heaters:
Hurlcon Astral HX Series: 
HX 70, HX 120, HX 150
Hurlcon Astral MX Gas Heaters: 
MX 125, MX 150, MX 200, MX 250, MX 300, MX 350, MX 400, MX 500
Hurlcon Astral JX Wall-Mount Gas Heaters:
JX 130, JX 160
Hurlcon Astral WX Wilton Gas Heaters: 
WX 70, WX75, WX 120
Hurlcon Astral Viron & Viron eVo: 
Viron 250, Viron 350, Viron 450, Viron 450
Hurlcon Astral HiNRG: 
HiNRG 175, HiNRG 250, HiNRG 400
Astralpool ICI:
ICI 200ICI 400
J-HN250C & J-HN400C 
Hurlcon Boilers:
HB 200, HB 250, HB 300, HB 400, HB 500 

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