Hurlcon Astralpool JX 130 / JX 160 Wall-Mount Gas Heater Spare Parts


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Spare parts for all Hurlcon / Astralpool JX Gas Pool & Spa Heaters. See diagram and match numbers for the parts.

5. Air Pressure Switch 
(not shown) Ignition Module 2461D 526-111 
11. Fan  
13. Gas Valve 36E06-301 
15. PCB - Thermostat Circuit Board
(not shown) Temperature Sensor Lead 
16. Adaptor - Heat Exchanger 
17. O Ring Heat Exchange Adaptor 
18. 19. 20. Barrel Union Parts
21. In/Out Manifold Header 
26. Hi Limit 42C 
27. Hi Limit 52C 
29. Plunger Bypass Assembly 
30. Ignitor DSI Electrode Assembly 
Ignitor Suppression Lead 77186
Ignitor Sensor Lead - White 77187 
(not shown) Water Pressure Switch 
(not shown) Spring Bypass
(not shown) Disc Bypass Assembly 
(not shown) Facia Thermostat Label
Natural Gas to LPG (Propane) Conversion Kit
LPG (Propane) to Natural Gas Conversion Kit


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