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AstralPool ICI 200 (B) Gas Pool & Spa Heater - VIC Only

This product is No Longer Sold and/or Obsolete. More information and/or replacement options may be available.

This product is No Longer Sold and/or Obsolete.

Please read information below for more information and replacement options.


AstralPool ICI 200 B Pool and Spa Gas Heaters.  Similar in appearance to the Viron eVo Range, but with some very different features. Please note these heaters are limited in availability.

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ICI Heater Features:

  • Full LED display with connectivity to Astral appliances
  • Cupro-Nickel heat exchanger
  • New Ceramic mesh burner
  • Full Premix combustion
  • Fan-forced
  • Modulating fan & gas control
  • Single-stacked heat exchanger
  • Low condensation
  • Super-Efficient
  • Allows high water-flow
  • HSI Ignition
  • Compatible with Connect 10

The AstralPool ICI Gas Heater is the first of the Next Generation gas heating range. With the option of Natural or LPG gas, the ICI is available in 215MJ/h and 400MJ/h sizes with indoor and outdoor models to suit every pool owners needs. 

The ICI is also the only full-modulating mid-efficiency heater on the market, and comes factory-fitted with standard 2 PVC AstralPool connections for easy installation.


The ICI features an integrated bypass for low water-flow operation helping to reduce your water usage.


Designed and built in Canada specifically for our ICI and Viron eVo Heaters, the entirely new burner utilises a special woven mesh used in the aerospace industry. It has been through thousands of hours of testing with greatly improved results. 


By reducing the number of components that make up our ICI, we have made for easier servicing and simplified installation. 

Model No. 215 MJ/h 400 MJ/h
Gas Connection AS/NZ 5601 AS/NZ 5601
NG - CO Level (p.p.m) 30 - 60 30 - 60
Bromine Max. Content (p.p.m) 5 5
Chlorine Max. Content (p.p.m) 3 3
Water Salinity (p.p.m) 4000 max. 4000 max.
Water Calcium Hardness (p.p.m) 150 - 250 150 - 250
Water Total Alkalinity (p.p.m) 80 - 120 80 - 120
Water pH 7.6 - 7.8 7.6 - 7.8
Acceptable Water Flow Rate (L/min) 120 - 500 200 - 500
LPG Gas Inlet Operating Pressure-High Fire (kPa) 2.75 2.75
Natural Gas Inlet Operating Pressure-High Fire (kPa) 1.13 1.13
LPG Inlet Static Gas Pressure (kPa) 2.75 - 5 2.75 - 5
Natural Gas Inlet Static Gas Pressure (kPa) 1.13 - 5 1.13 - 5
Gas Usage Rate of Nominal Rate (%) +/- 5 +/- 5
LPG - CO Level (p.p.m) 50 - 150 50 - 150

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