Balboa GL2000 CE 53259 Mk1 Circuit Board - rare - For Metal Enclosures

Type: 1. Refurbished-Changeover PCB


Balboa GL2000 CE PCB - 53259 - Metal Box Fit .
Your Options:

Option 1. Changeover / Repaired PCB - no longer repaired due to lack of available parts.  <-- no longer available.
Mk1 PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for a Balboa GL 2000 spa controller with the metal / aluminium box. This Balboa circuit board is a direct replacement for Part No: S/N 53259 fitted to Metal Balboa GL2000 spa control packs.  Board Balboa GL2000 CE. This PCB will work with Balboa's High end ML range of topside controls such as the ML700 or ML900. 

Option 2. Changeover Controller - Send in old PCB & Upgrade to MK3 GL2000 with new box & PCB.  <--- Once we receive your controller, we upgrade the control box & PCB. 

Ref: S/N 53259 *** 200408250176 / Board Balboa GL2000 CE 53259-01200602230029 200407190030

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