Balboa GL2000 MK3 Control Box w/ Heater

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Balboa GL Series Spa Controller Box. GL2000 MK3 with 3kw Heater. Also used to replace older GL2000 MK1 Control boxes. Note that the older and newer GL2000 PCBs do not fit each other's boxes. Comes with new heater.

The GL2000M3 can run the following options

Set up 1:

* 1 x circulation pump, 2 x 1 speed jet pumps,  1 x blower, 1 x ozone, 1 x AV (non switching 240 volt output). 1 x 12V AC light    (*You can not fit a 1speed jet pump without fitting a circ pump)

Set up 2:

* 1 x 2 speed pump, 1 x 1 speed jet pump, 1 x blower, 1 x ozone, 1 x AV (non switching 240volt output) 1 x 12V AC light 

May have part numbers of 53885,53885-03 or others. Black or Gray Box

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