Balboa TP600 Touchpad Keypad Control Panel - 6 button oval - NO OVERLAY


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6-button oval Balboa TP600 spa control touchpad without overlay. 6 button oval shape. Used by several importers & Spa Industries (Leisurite, Designer, Cyclone, Prestige, Bullfrog, Signature, Lanark, Spas Direct, Sun Seal, etc.). 
Commonly used on spas with BP601, BP2100Revolution, Dominator and Colossus controllers. Suits all BP-Series Systems: BP5XX, BP6XX, BP1XXX, BP2XXX. 
Very Important. Please Read:
Early versions commonly had button issues, where the internal contactor would move.  
  • Face dimensions: Length - 183mm x Width - 90mm Oval shape.
  • Cut dimensions : Length - 147mm x Width - 62mm.
  • Has black molex plastic plug with 4 plastic pins.


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