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Spa / Hot Tub Plug & Lead Types - Various Styles - AMP, Mini JJ, C38, etc

Spas, Swim Spas, and Hot Tubs have come with various types of plugs, receptacles, and leads over the years. Here are the most common types.

C38 - 3-pin 10A Standard Australian Plugs: This is the common plug found on most appliances in Australia. It has the angled Active & Neutral pins, with a longer Earth pin.

  • 10A plugs have the normal plug you see in everyday appliances
  • 15A plugs have the same two angled pins, with a larger Earth pin

AMP Plug: This is the most common plug type found on spas over the last 15 years. They are a one-way plug that can use 3-wires, or 4-wires for 2-speed pumps. Used on Gecko Aeware, Balboa, Davey, Spanet, SpaQuip, E-Think and others. 

  • Overmoulded AMP plugs are used any time the plug is *outside* the controller (Davey, SpaNet, SpaQuip).
  • AMP plugs without the overmoulding have only single insulation for the last inch or so before the plug, therefore can only be used in controllers where they are plugged in *inside* the box (eg, E-think, Aeware, Balboa). 
  • AMP-style plugs used in HotSpring and others often have slightly different pin-outs.

Tools & Components for AMP plugs are listed here.


Mini JJ or Mini J&J plug: These were a common plug used 20 years ago or so. They were a very convenient way to ensure that the wrong piece of equipment couldn't be plugged into the wrong spot. There were Six main types that used differing pin layouts. The pinout styles are: Ozone, Hydroquip Blower, Gecko Blower, Circulation Pump, 1-Speed Jet Pump, 2-Speed Jet Pump.

As these are becoming more rare, the cost of the leads themselves have increased to the point where it may be more economical to use old leads swapped over by a qualified person.

Replacement Mini J&J / Mini JJ Leads are listed here. plug: These are another plug only used by some Gecko Aeware controllers. They use a few variations that don't fit each other's receptacles within the same plug style. The two most common types have no real 'standard' as each spa manufacturer could set up their systems to suit as they wish.

  • Large plugs are typically used for the Jet pumps, and heaters
  • Small plugs are typically used for accessories

Replacement Leads are listed here


Blank cord: This is exactly what it sounds like. A bare lead with no plug. These can be adapted for several installations such as:

  • Spade terminals - fitted by a qualified person
  • Ring terminals - to be fitted by a qualified person
  • Direct terminals - to be fitted by a qualified person

    Wire Colours:
    Australian Standards requires some basic colours to be used on 240V applications. 

    • Brown or Black: Active
    • Blue or White: Neutral
    • Green / Green & Yellow: Earth

    In a 2-speed pump application:

    • Black = Low Speed (See below!)
    • Brown = High Speed (See below!)
    • In many LX, Davey & SpaQuip Two Speed Pumps: 
      • Black = High Speed
      • Brown = Low Speed


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