HotSprings Spas Watkins Spa Heater Assembly 1.5kW - Element

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Heater For Hot Springs Spas - Replaces the common 1.5kw No-Fault Heater, 1.5kw at 240volt, titanium element.

Hot Springs Spas Watkins 1.5kw No-Fault Heater.

1.5kw at 240volt, titanium element.

Note: If this heater is replacing one of the older models with pressure switch, you will need to purchase a this flow switch to install after the heater. The connector to the PCB will need to be reused from the old heater pressure switch as they are different.

May be labeled SSE-00-OH-OF 73797 76229

Also replaces old Gray bodied heaters with a screwed cap.

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