30mm x 39mm(D) Air Injector Jet for Spa Industries Spas - Signature Designer Leisurite Bullfrog

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30mm Hole x 38mm Diameter cap. Air Injector for Air Blowers. One of the most common air injectors used in spas made by Spa Industries. Note: Similar to this air injector but is slightly different.

The barbs are known to break, usually due to over stressing from the air tubing itself. Low pH & Bromine use can also make the plastics brittle. Uses 3/8" Tube and Joiners. Has a grey face with 8 Teardrop shaped holes.

To Install or Replace this Air Injector:

  • Unscrew old fitting
  • Clean old sealant from spa
  • Apply a small amount of sealant to male thread and place in spa hole 
  • Apply an amount of sealant on the outer lip of the injector base
  • Screw base on finger tight, without over tightening
  • Fit 3/8" Tube using appropriate spa glue
  • Join 3/8" Tube to old Tube using a joiner

AAIRIN30AG / SQ3720GY / SP-30-115025 / S30-115025

Spa Industries / SCS Industries: Signature, Leisurite, Cyclone, Designer, Bullfrog, Lanark, Heritage