30mm Air Injector Jet for Spa Industries Spas - Signature Designer Leisurite Bullfrog


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30mm Hole Air Injector for Air Blowers. One of the most common air injectors for the blower. Used in spas made by Spa Industies. The barbs are known to break, usually due to over stressing from the air tubing itself. Low pH & Bromine use can also make the plastics brittle. Uses 3/8" Tube and Joiners. Has a grey face with 8 Teardrop shaped holes. 

To Install or Replace this Air Injector:

  • Unscrew old fitting
  • Clean old sealant from spa
  • Apply a small amount of sealant to male thread and place in spa hole 
  • Apply an amount of sealant on the outer lip of the injector base
  • Screw base on finger tight, without over tightening
  • Fit 3/8" Tube using appropriate spa glue
  • Join 3/8" Tube to old Tube using a joiner



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