Balboa VL403 Topside Control Panel Touchpad Keypad


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Replaces GS (501) Touchpads with a Blower Button. GS501Z. Replaces GS501 & Signature Spas Sig 10 / 10L Used on Signature Spas, Designer, Leisurite, SCS, Cyclone, Bullfrog, and many other brands. Also sold as SIG10 E4. Originally may have been fitted with a 3 button or 4 button overlay. Has had several different Overlays. See Pictures. 

Can be used in place of VL401 (only difference is LED display compared to LCD display & they are interchangeable). Note the VL401 is a bit lower priced.


  • Model: BWG VL401 / E14 / 53726-01 / 10'
  • Face Size: 160mm x 56mm
  • Hole Size: 135mm x 35mm

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