Balboa Temperature Sensor - sNA, SA, sNB, SB Error Fix Repair Parts

Version: Current Style - Pair

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Common cause of SA, SB, or SN errors on Balboa Spa control systems. These sensors should always be replaced in pairs. Suits most GS GL EL and other Balboa controllers. This may solve Sensor errors.

Having a spare set of sensors is mandatory for any Spa technician. 

Current 30344 and 53605:

Sensor Probe 1/4 x 2 Bulb, Sensor Mount Cap, Bulb O'ring and Washer.
Cable length is 310mm including plug for PCB.
Left and Right sensors are exactly the same.

Old Style: 30337 and 30338

Balboa sensor assembly. Containing two sensors a Hi Limit and a Temperature Sensor which join to a single 4 pin connector. 
Temperature Sensor 96 Cord X 3/8 Diameter x 2 Length Bulb.
Hi Limit Sensor 31 Cord x 1/4 Diameter x 1 1/2 Bulb.
Balboa 30337, B-53605

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