Balboa GS501 / GS501Z Printed Circuit Board PCB - SCS501 GS 501 Z Motherboard

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Balboa GS501Z circuit board, always in stock. Also suits SCS501 (SCS501 1005), and all GS501Z controllers. Older PCBs are often damaged in power surges, or due to bad/worn relays. 

Note: It looks different to original PCB from the SCS 501 controllers but it still fits properly and has the same functions.

It may have a bar code number of 54512, 53341, 55514 ,53341, etc. To ensure a correct match, do not go by the "GS500 or GS500Z" stamped into the left corner of the board as this is common to the entire range, look on the software chip label for an exact match.

This PCB can have the following set up functions: 1. 1x Circ Pump, 1x 1 Speed Pump, 1x Blower, Ozone, Light. 2. 1x 2 Speed Pump, Blower, Light, Ozone.

Balboa GS 501 replacement printed circuit board (also VS) - used on Signature Spas and others. Picture of control box is just used to information. This listed is for the circuit board only. Suits all GS5 control systems such as 54511, 54511-01, 53340-03, 53340, 53340-05

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