Hurlcon MX Gas Pool & Spa Heaters - MX150 MX250 MX300 MX400 MX500


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The Hurlcon MX Gas Heater was proudly made and designed in Australia. Incorporating the latest in technology the MX Gas Heater combines high performance, energy efficiency and compact designed to ensure a cost effective, rapid heating solution. Designed to heat your pool in around 8 hours means you don’t need to run the heater for long periods to ensure your pool is warm. This means less operating costs and more time to enjoy your swimming pool.

Replacements available at our showroom in Carrum Downs, Vic.

Features & Benefits
Fast heat up times
Inexpensive to operate
Easy to operate
Available for LP Gas or Natural Gas

These heaters are no longer manufactured. There are several direct replacements available. Many spare parts are still available. The complete listing for spare parts is listed here.

300155NAT Gas Heater MX150 NAT
300250LP Gas Heater MX250 LPG
300250NAT Gas Heater MX250 NAT
300300LP Gas Heater MX300 LPG
300300NAT Gas Heater MX300 NAT
300400LP Gas Heater MX400 LPG

Gas Heater MX400 NAT


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