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Raypak 430 Gas Pool & Spa Heater - Best Prices

  • From $4,690.30

Raypak's range of residential pool and spa heaters are capable of heating the biggest or smallest of pools, extending your swimming time and enjoyment. 

Choose between Natural Gas or LPG & Standard or Premium

IMPORTANT: WHEN REPLACING AN EXISTING RAYPAK HEATER - Raypak heaters no longer have in-built Valve Actuator, nor Pump, Controls. If operating Valve Actuators, or switching a Pump, you will need to fit a Connect 10, or Aqualink control system. 

Raypak’s residential gas heater range features:

  • Cupro-nickel heat exchanger for greater protection from corrosion
  • Standard: Polymer headers for longer life / Premium: Bronze headers for ultimate life
  • Fully programmable digital heater controller with independent settings for your pool or spa
  • Spark DSI Ignition
  • Australian manufacture and design excellence
  • Remote control available as an option
  • Suitable for either indoor or outdoor installations.
  • Outdoor configuration is standard
  • Left or Right hand water connections
  • Premium: Stainless Steel Base
  • Premium: Stainless Steel Combustion Support

P0430-N - Standard - Natural Gas
P0430-P - Premium - Natural Gas
PC0430-N - Standard - Natural Gas
PC0430-P - Premium - Natural Gas

Rheem (Raypak) no longer allows prices to be listed online. Contact us or more information. Please note that any online reseller with prices listed online may Void any warranties on your products as per Rheem's online selling policies.

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