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Astralpool / Hurlcon HX 120 Gas Spa Heaters - HX120

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Hurlcon HX120 / Astralpool HX120 gas pool and spa heaters kept physically in stock. Replaces all older MiniMax and HX 120 series spa heaters. Our most popular heater, with a Tried & Proven Design that has changed very little in 25+ years. This heater was developed from the Hendy Boiler. Replaces the MX 125, MX 150 and HiNRG 175. 

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About the Hurlcon / Astralpool HX 120 Spa Gas Heater:

Gas heating is the fastest and most economical way to heat your pool and spa. The HX & WX gas pool and spa heater is the most low cost solution available in two sizes to meet your heating requirements. Made in Australia with electronic touch controls the HX & WX heater is ideal for your heating requirements.

The HX120 has a heating output of around 25kW and can raise 1000L of water 20°C in approximately 1 hour. Some spas heat faster, and some slower.

Fits in exactly the same footprint and plumbing as older, HX120 gas heaters, WX heaters, and most MiniMax / MM 120 heaters by Purex Hurlcon.

This is also the perfect heater for Spa & Swim Spa Gas conversions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Less Maintenance and improved efficiency
  • Electronic touch controls
  • Available in Natural Gas and LPG models
  • Heat on demand
  • Electronic ignition
  • Made in Australia
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations
  • HX 120 Equivalent to a 24kW electric heater!

Time to Heat Water by 20°C (in a perfect world):

  • 1000L = ~65min
  • 1500L = ~78min
  • 2000l = ~95 min
  • 2500l = ~110min


  • Height: 820mm
  • Width: 390mm 
  • Depth: 515mm
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Water Flow: 150-400lpm. Anything over 300lpm should have a bypass valve assembly fitted.
  • mJ Input: 103mJ

Recommended Retail Pricing:

Care of your HX gas heater:

  • HX heaters can last many years. We regularly service HX heaters made in the 1990s
  • By far, the most important thing is Water Balance. Corrosion from low-pH & High Bromine / Chlorine is the biggest killer of gas heaters. The water can look Crystal Clear & Perfect, while it's eating away at at the Copper heat exchanger fittings. Bromine, Trichlor Tablets, and Dichlor powders lower water pH.

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