Davey / SpaQuip / Gecko / Balboa / Aquaflo / Astralpool - Delays

Davey / SpaQuip / Gecko / Aquaflo / Balboa / Astralpool / LX are currently experiencing delays in manufacturing and distribution due to Covid-19. They are working hard to "catch up" but not that some products are currently unavailable, with no ETAs on a handful of products. We have absolutely no control over manufacturers and distributors. 

As we get our hands on products directly from the Manufacturers & Distributors, we still offer the fastest possible delivery in Australia.

If you order a product, and it is currently unavailable, we will contact you ASAP to notify you of this and offer a refund or alternative, if necessary. 

Note that we cannot update each product listing, as information changes from week-to-week. Hundreds of products are affected.

Some of the most affected:

  • Many Davey SpaQuip products are due January 2021
  • Gecko has paused production for many products overseas, with no ETAs
  • Balboa has changed Australian distributors and imports have been delayed. New distributor is working hard to catch up where the last distributor left off. 
  • Astralpool Hurlcon has some component delays, with heaters being the most affected. 
  • Many LX products are due March-April 2021
  • Aquaflo has had some delays, but parts are coming in now