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Davey / SpaQuip / Gecko / Balboa / Aquaflo / Astralpool / Raypak / Zodiac - Delays

  • Updated 17/02/2021
  • Updated 31/01/2021
  • Original Post 10/12/2020

As you are likely aware, there are some significant global supply chain disruptions surrounding manufacturing and distribution due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These issues are beyond anyone's reasonable control. This is a first for our particular industry. 

As always, contact us if your parts are urgent before ordering. We may have alternative solutions in some cases. Note that "ETA" stands for "Estimated Time of Arrival" and that manufacturers and distributors are making absolutely no promises, with Times & Dates changing from week to week. We have made the below information as best as possible. 

  • Davey / SpaQuip: Some spare parts due early 2021. Pumps, PCBs, SP400, 600,800,1200 due March-April. SP500 heater elements may be June 2021. 
  • Aquaflo / Gecko / AEware: early January 2021 - Pumps & Controllers. More stock due months later. Spare parts in particular affected, as Gecko is prioritizing Spa Manufacturers.
  • Balboa: Some stock early January 2021. More stock early Feb. There will be air freight deliveries, with whole containers not expected for several months. Pumps may not be due for months.
  • LX / Whirlpool: March/April 2021 - Pumps & Heaters
  • Fluidra, Astralpool & Zodiac: early January 2021 - Gas Heaters. Many spare parts have 4-8 week ETAs, with no guarantees. 
  • Raypak: 2-6 week wait on new heaters and many parts. We are keeping as many spare parts & new heaters as possible.
  • Kokido, Vektro, Telsa: Due March-July. Significant production delays. 

We have absolutely no control over manufacturers and distributors but speak to them several times a day. 

As we get our hands on products directly from the Manufacturers & Distributors, we still offer the fastest possible delivery in Australia.

If you order a product, and it is currently unavailable, we will endeavour to contact you within a reasonable timeframe to notify you of this and offer a refund or alternative, if necessary. Give us up to 7 business days, as we are constantly chasing things up behind the scenes. 

Customers: None of this is our fault. At the first sign of abuse or anger, we will have to cease our relationship. We are here to help, not to cop the brunt of frustration. We have enough of that ourselves. :-)

Note that we cannot update each product listing, as information changes from week-to-week & day-to-day. Hundreds of products are affected.