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Monarch Spas 45sq ft Spa Filter Cartridge - OEM -

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Monarch Spas filter cartridge with closed top, often inscribed with 'Monarch' and Logo. 203mm x 143mm.  All filters should be replaced annually. Official filters.

Fits Arcadia spas: Dream, Novus, Eon, Bliss and Nirvana.

Fits Monarch spas:

  • Duchess, Earl, Contessa Classic, Contessa Hydro Plus, Sultan Classic, Sultan Hydro Plus, Crown Classic, Crown Hydro Plus, Jubilee, Royale Classic, Royale Hydro Plus, Marquis, Grand Duke Classic, Grand Duke Hydro Plus, Regal, Plus Many More!

Fits many O2 spas manufactured prior to Nov 2010.

Measures approximately:
Length: 200mm to 210mm
Width: 143mm
Thread: 47mm OD
 (40mm BSP fine thread spigot) bottom 

Monarch Spas Official Logo