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EvoHeat Spa & Pool Heat Pumps - Now Stocked

We are now stocking the full range of EvoHeat heat pumps and accessories. EvoHeat was the only Heat Pump that could give real-world heating numbers, without all the puffery that seems so common in the industry. 

Efficiency of this quality range of heat pumps makes their addition to a spa essential for long term energy savings. 

COP of these heat pumps is as high as 6.57 with 24°C air/26°C water.
At spa temperatures in Winter, they are very impressive with a COP of 3.4 with 15°C air/37°C water.

EvoHeat were the only heat pump manufacturer we asked, able to provide us with real data relating to outputs for spa temperatures, and in colder conditions.
In warmer months/locations, the COP is even higher!

Options include:

  • Smartphone control modules (Apps for IOS & Android)
  • Heat on demand integration with a dedicated pump
  • Timer control (for Evo Force)
  • Electronic spa pack integration modules - These modules enable complete heat pump temperature control via the spa's digital touchpad and support almost all brands/models of spa control systems, and all brands of heat pumps & gas heaters.