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Ferropre vs Deks 2 Part Epoxy

Ferropre v Deks Duobond. Which is better?

Ferropre is a product made by Henkel. Deks is a cheaper alternative. From experience, we've found the Deks to be softer and not stick as well as genuine Ferropre to many surfaces. Ferropre tends to harden to a better finish as well. That's not to say there isn't a place for Deks Duobond, but in 20+ years of use, when we have a choice, it's always Ferropre.

Let's look at a comparison:

Ferropre 2-part Epoxy:

  • Made by Henkel Adhesive Technologies, the worldwide leader in adhesive products. They also own Loctite any many other brands. 
  • Two-part epoxy resin bonding sealer
  • Exhibits a putty-like consistency to allow bonding and filling of large voids
  • Cured system is resistant to a range of corrosive chemicals
  • Cures underwater
  • Curing can be sped-up with gentle heat
  • Sticks to metals, plastics, masonry, porcelain, metals, ceramic, brick, concrete, copper, PVC, and fibreglass
  • Boat repairs, patching concrete, fixing steel piping, furniture repairs, sink and tub repairs, tile repairs and fuel tank repairs. 
  • Resistant to most chemicals, salt water, diesel, petrol, jet fuel, oils, etc
  • Resistant to heat and cold. 
  • Stable to 160°C before some charring. 
  • Hardens like concrete but with some flexibility.
  • Excellent moulding and shaping characteristics.
  • Once the epoxy has cured you can machine, drill, saw, sand, grind, and paint. 
  • Stick down tiles on pools and spas. Including underwater. 
  • Repairs many broken plastic fittings 
  • Great for use in pools & spas. 
  • Patches and fills damaged concrete. 
  • Patches and fills water tanks. 

Deks Duobond 2-part Epoxy:

  • Jointing putty for cast iron and concrete pipes and fittings.
  • DEKS Duo Bond sets like concrete
  • Can be used for swimming pool applications and for some metal and steel general repairs.