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Online "Internet" Prices vs Prices charged by Service People

Online "Internet" Prices vs Prices charged by Service People

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Why are online prices often cheaper than from Service Persons?

In the current world as customers we have reaped the benefits of finding extremely competitive prices all over the internet. Yet these sometimes crazy-low prices don't happen when you have a Good, Qualified person carrying out work, using those very same products. 

Why do we pay more from a Service Person? Service-based businesses are very difficult to run. There are so many unknown factors that can affect their income. This can be caused weather, supply issues, health, vehicle, family, or myriad other reasons. 

One of the big reasons is Warranty & Backup: Successful Service-based businesses are the ones that give A-Class Service for their A-Class Customers.

When a good service person carries out work on your equipment, they back up their work, their products, and their word. 

Running a service-based business is very expensive: Service people need to earn what they're worth, and enough to support their families, and to stay in business down the track. 

After more than 20 years in the industry I have seen more good service people finish up, purely because they couldn't make a living competing with "internet pricing." 

Shops like ours: We have the benefit of being able to keep prices low because we support both domestic users, as well as other trades. We also keep our overheads low by running bare-bones.

So to summarize, we just wanted to explain why exactly you *should* pay more for products when a service person is doing the work.