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Poolstore Warehouse in Mentone Has Closed - Gone Into Liquidation

Poolstore Warehouse - (aka Gold Medallion, Pool Warehouse Bayside, The Pool Warehouse Bayside, The Pool Warehouse Victoria, The Pool Store Warehouse, The Pool Store Bayside Pty Ltd) in Mentone Victoria is closed permanently and has gone into liquidation.

Unfortunately their model of using a name that was absurdly close to a major pool equipment shop, selling the cheapest, and not paying their bills, just didn't work out. They have left both it's suppliers, and their customers, severely out of pocket with no real idea of what to do. 

We are seeing more and more pool & spa equipment suppliers pop on online, only to disappear, go under, or are simply running scams. 

If you can't see a shop, a real warehouse, an ABN number, a registered business name, a suspiciously similar business name to another, or it simply doesn't pass the 'sniff test' ... just move on. Buy from real businesses, with real people.