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Gas Pool & Spa Heater Gas Usage - Natural Gas & LPG (Propane)

Gas usage tables for gas pool and spa heaters. The below information is a rough gas usage estimate for gas heaters from Raypak, Astralpool, Zodiac, Pentair and others.

Please note that heaters must be set up properly to operate efficiently and correctly. The below information is to be used as a rough guide only. Actual usage can vary.

Gast heaters will have a mJ (Megajoule) rating on the label or installation manual. Oftentimes the heater model name will give an idea of the rough mJ rating.(Eg: HX 120 uses 105.5mJ for Natural gas.)

LPG Usage - LPG is generally measured in kg of liquid propane.Approx .02kg per mJ. 

  • 70mJ - 1.4kg per hour
  • 100mJ - 2kg per hour
  • 120mJ - 2.4kg per hour
  • 150mJ - 3kg per hour
  • 200mJ - 4kg per hour
  • 250mJ - 5kg per hour
  • 280mJ - 5.6kg per hour
  • 300mJ - 6.0kg per hour
  • 350mJ - 7kg per hour
  • 400mJ - 8kg per hour
  • 430mJ 8.6kg per hour

Natural Gas Usage - Natural gas is measured in cubic metres (m³). Approx ~38mj per m³. Natural gas varies due to it being "natural" so we tend to use rough measurements. It can actually range from around 34-52mJ per m³!

These figures can also be used to see if your gas meter is big enough for your gas appliances. Many gas meters are rated in their maximum m³ per hour.

  • 70mJ - 1.8m³ per hour
  • 100mJ - 2.6m³ per hour
  • 120mJ - 3.2m³ per hour
  • 150mJ - 3.9m³ per hour
  • 200mJ - 5.3m³ per hour
  • 250mJ - 6.6m³ per hour
  • 280mJ - 7.4m³ per hour
  • 300mJ - 7.9m³ per hour
  • 350mJ - 9.2m³ per hour
  • 400mJ - 10.5m³ per hour
  • 430mJ - 11.3m³ per hour

All figures are rough guides only. We make no guarantee of accuracy of the figures on this page.

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