15mm Class 12 PVC Pressure Pipe for Pools and Spas - Pick Up Only

Length: 1m - 15mm PVC Cl12 Pressure Pipe

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15mm 1/2" PVC Class 12 Pressure Pipe. Can only be picked up. Cannot be delivered.

PVC Pressure Pipe is widely used for irrigation and water supply for domestic and commercial applications. There is a grading system with pressure pipe which is basically different thicknesses for different areas and the different gradings of Class 9, Class 12, Class 18. Minimum Class 12 is recommended for all Spas & Pools, especially for warm water.


Note for non-plumbers: Please See This PVC Pressure Pipe Dimensions Info, as PVC Pressure Pipe uses "Nominal" names, and does not measure what it's called. 

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