Spa AMP Tools - Crimper Extractor Plugs Pins Leads for Hot Tubs - Over-moulded, Standalone, and Parts

Type: Standalone 3-wire - 1-speed

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AMP Leads, Plugs, Pins, Parts, and Tools to use with Spa and Hot Tub Equipment. Choose parts you need from the dropdown list or by clicking the image below.

AMP Tools & Parts:  Image / Link:
AMP Male Pin Extractor
AMP Female Pin Extractor 
AMP Male Plugs
AMP Female Plugs 
AMP Male Pins
AMP Female Pins
Crimper & Plug Kit
AMP Crimper Only
Overmoulded Leads
Overmoulded Leads


Other Common Spa Hot Tub Plug Types:

Spa Hot Tub Lead Types

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