Aquamate X - Pool & Spa Controller - plus Extension Module

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No Longer SoldUse Dontek Aquatek listed here.

The all new Aquamate X replaces older Aquamate controllers and is a modular system by Pool Water Products that suits:

  • Single speed pumps
  • Variable speed pumps
  • Sanitisers - Chlorinators, Ozone, UV
  • Heaters - Solar, Gas, Heat Pumps
  • Lights - Single or Multi-colour
  • Water Features
  • Jets
  • Blowers 
  • Valve Actuators

Features & Benefits:

  • In-built WiFi control
  • Genuine Plug n Play solution
  • Simple and intuitive menu design
  • Clear and detailed LCD display and plug connections
  • Self-populating app control – via local Wifi connection
  • Customisable auxiliary/appliance AND valve selection
  • Up to 4x Filtration Times
  • Compatible with a variety of VS pump models
  • Compatible with a variety of multi colour light models
  • Spa Mode – w/ sanitiser reduction AND in-floor cleaner cut-out
  • Solar capable via a separate pump (suction/return) OR integrated to filtration
  • Detailed programmability of spa equipment function
  • Pump Call feature for heat demand OR balance tank management
  • Expansion units available in 10amp OR 15amp plug options

Compatible Brands:


  • Pentair - Intelliflo (via external pump speed selection)
  • Theralux - TVS1 AND TVS1.5 (Regal motor)
  • Reltech - EcoFlo V3/V5 AND Platinum V3/V5/V8 (Regal motor)
  • DAB


  • AquaQuip
  • Spa Electrics – Multi And Multi Plus
  • Astralpool
  • ALL single colour lights