Astralpool HiNRG HSI Ignition Module - Techrite Astralpool Jacuzzi

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Note: If you have a blue module, your heater will need to have the Safety Recall carried out on your heater. New modules are Gray. 

Astralpool HiNRG gas pool and spa heater ignition control module. When replacing these modules, it is generally a good idea to replace the HSI igniter, as failure of either can cause failure of the other.

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As of 2021, the blue modules have been superseded by a Grey module with part number SP79148. Once blue modules have been depleted, the new Grey modules will be provided.

Suits: HiNRG 175 | HiNRG 250 | HiNRG 400Also suits Jacuzzi J-HN250C & J-HN400C heaters.

This is "HSI" Hot Surface Ignition Version for heaters with a Graphite Sinitride igniter. Does NOT suit any Viron gas heater.

Techrite AIS / Automatic Ignition System 

  • Max Load: 4A 
  • Ionization Current: 3uA
  • Startup Time: 2 sec
  • Safety Shutdown: <1 sec
  • Ambient Temp: 0-60C
  • IP Rating: 20

May have the following numbers:
TAIS CP-H35-D5-303060HRV / TAIS0067 P.N 726005 / 79148