Balboa Sapphire Lanark Jet Diverter - 50mm / 2"



Balboa 3 way diverter valve. Common on many Australian spas. They also came with chrome caps & dark gray, but are currently only available in a light gray. The gate stem can break if the body has sand or grit stopping it from moving. 

  • 2" Three-way diverter valve to control water flow to spa jet regions/manifolds within the spa from the one pump. 
  • 2" / 50mm socket connections. 
  • 76mm hole size required. 
  • Cap is 92mm diameter, handle is 113mm diameter 
  • Diverter gate has an upper o-ring seal and a star shaped spline, with a central alignment pin at the base - unique design.

Individual components not available as spare parts.

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