Bromine Tablet Floating Dispenser

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Floating bromine tablet feeder for 1" pucks. Has attached string to tie up so it doesn't disappear. Easily adjustable, and weighted to sit floats upright. Produced by Pool Systems Pty Ltd ,one of Australia’s premier manufacturers. 

(1 x Bromine Tablet per 1,000 Litres is generally recommended)

Fed up with your little dispenser running out of Bromine or Chlorine? This Patented design will help you relax and enjoy your Spa.  Don’t opt for the cheap copies! Buy an original design and relax this summer.

  • Variable dispensing control, so you don’t lose all your tablets in a day!
  • Has a large service area to float easily and low in the water dispensing your chemicals across the spa equally.
  • The end cap is weighted to keep the dispenser pointing downwards in the spa water, releasing the chemicals where they should be.
  • The bottom lid opening feature enables you to refill the dispenser without having to reset your levels every time.
  • Can be used with an Ozonator.
  • The large size means you are not checking your dispenser every five minutes! Drop in and Relax.
  • Has a handy rope attachment so you can tie it to a spa handle etc. and keep it within easy reach.
  • Made from Top Quality UV & Chemical Stabilized plastic. Suitable for slow dissolve Chlorine or Bromine tablets.

  • MDI802

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