Waterco / Dega Universal Outdoor Spa Blower - with or without Air Switch - 1200W

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One of the quieter domestic spa air blowers (bubbler) on the market. Can be installed Outdoors, Indoors, or inside a spa. Comes with 50mm (60mm ID) ports on the bottom and side for various mounting positions. Comes with or without in-built air switch. 

Key Features:

  • Super quiet operation
  • High-flow air movement
  • 1200W High-efficiency motor (replaces up to 1600W)
  • Compact design
  • Variable mounts
  • Integral thermal cut out
  • EMC Electronic Noise Suppression
  • Amtek Lamb motor (not a cheap generic motor).
  • Optional in-built mechanical air switch *


  • Air Switches - Mechanical air switches need more air pressure to activate than many older diaphragm-style air switches used by Dega, Onga, Space Age, etc. Often the mechanical air-switches will be fine, but where you need a more sensitive air-switch, we recommend purchasing one of these.
  • 3-Speed Blowers - No blower on the market has 3-speeds like some older ones. If you still want three speeds, we recommend you purchase the 3-speed Air Switch Controller
  • Replaces: Hurlcon, Astralpool, Onga, Dega, Quiptron, Poolrite and many other brands using 50mm PVC Pipe (~60mm OD). Mounts with a single screw. No glue needed.

Enjoy the soothing effects of powerful, invigorating bubbles in your spa without excess equipment noise. Our spa blower's compact design enables installation in smaller areas and tight corners. The convenient position of the mounting base and air inlet/outlets reduces installation time.

Thermal Cut out

These spa blowers feature an important safety feature, an integral thermal cut out. This cut out stops the electric motor from becoming excessively warm. This cut out does not require manual resetting and will automatically restart the motor when it has sufficiently cooled

Variable mounts

All Dega Blowers have two identical 50mm diameter outlet ports. One of the ports is in the bottom cowl of the blower and the other is in the side of the blower. The stand can be attached to either of these ports and leaves the other free to connect to the spa via the piping. It is also possible to connect the pipe to the outlet port in the bottom cowl of the blower and seal off the other outlet port.

Replaces Part Numbers:

  • Dega Part Number Cat. 1-0412-00 3880 / 1000 and others.
  • Dega 1-0415-00
  • All other Dega Blowers
  • Onga Blower Model 1041700
  • Onga Blower Model 1320900
  • Onga Blower Model 1320300
  • Onga Blower Model 1043000
  • Onga Blower Model 1043100
  • Onga Blower Model 1042600 (w/ Air Switch)
  • and all other similar Onga, Dega, & Quiptron Blowers