Edgetec Spa Key Replacement Wireless Remote

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Replacement Spa Key for Edgetec Spa Bath Pumps & Blowers. When replacing, you will need to re-synchronise your existing pump and/or blower. Edgetec Spa Key Hand Set.

The 4 Function Hand Set allows you to remotely control your spa pump, heater, blower and light. The Spa-Key can be fitted to the wall using the wall mounted bracket supplied.

Your Spa-Key Handset communicates with the pump, Spa Blower, and Light using a 433MHz digital encoded Radio signal.
The Handset features a rolling Code Communication protocol - which effectively changes the digital code in both handset and receiver each time the handset is operated.
This ensures that the Handset will ONLY communicate with the Spa Pump, Spa Blower and light fitted to your bath.
Replacement Handset or Pump
Each Handset must be Synchronized with the pump/blower to start communication. 
If the Handset is lost or damaged and replaced the new Handset must be Synchronized to the Spa Pump or Spa Blower.
Before October 2012
The Synchronization used a button underneath a silicone membrane fitted to the top of the pump. With Power ON, this SIlicone Membrane will glow RED.
  1. On the top of the pump there is a silicone membrane and you should notice a RED light shining through the membrane, this tells us the pump has power, refer to above right image.
  2. Towards the outside edge of the silicone membrane there is a push button under it. Push this button to activate the synchronize mode. Once activated the light through the membrane will alternate between RED & BLUE, refer to above right image.
  3. While the pump is in synchronize mode (and LED is alternating), push the pump start button on the remote once. This is the top left dark blue button, refer to above left image.
  4. The pump will not start until the synchronize process is complete. Once complete the pump will return to only the RED light shining through the silicone membrane on top.
  5. The synchronize time will last for 15 seconds and you can program multiple remotes to the same pump over multiple synchronize times.

AFTER October 2012
In October 2012 the Programme was altered so each time the  Pump is plugged into Mains Power and Switched ON - it will automatically enter Synchronize Mode.
  1. On some production after October 2012 the silicone membrane is still on top of the pump but this is no longer required for the synchronizing process. To confirm this there should be “NO” RED light shining through the membrane
  2. Most production after October 2012 will not have the silicone membrane on the capacitor cover.
  3. To synchronize the spa key pumps produced after October 2012, turn ON MAINS power to the pump, you now have 15 seconds to push the pump start button on the remote once. This is the top left dark blue button, refer to above left image.
  4. After the 15 second time period the spa key pump will Click and momentarily pulse the motor to indicate that the synchronization mode has ended and is now ready to be used.
  5. To test that the synchronization has been successful, press the top left dark blue button, refer to above left image and the pump should start. If for some reason the pump does not start repeat the process above.

NOTE: the remotes do not need to be re-synced if the battery is replaced.

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