Pool & Spa Filter Air Bleed Screw & Oring - Davey Hurlcon SpaQuip Poolrite and more - Two Sizes

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Kit comes with two most common thread types. Fits 90% of cartridge & other filters over the years. This product comprises 2 air bleed valves and one o-ring. The two airbleed valves have different threads. One has a course thread. The other a fine thread. 

Fits many Astral, Waterco, Hurlcon, Davey, Poolrite and many other filters. 

Spaquip / Davey used both thread sizes on the same filters which created confusion resulting in this part being offered as a universal kit.

Suits multiple spa and pool cartridge filters including:
Spaquip Compact spa filter
Spaquip / Davey Series 1000 spa filter 
Davey Easy Clear
Davey CF series
Davey EcoPure
Davey Clearflow
Early Hurlcon filters
Onga Pantera

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