Free Chlorine or Bromine Test Strips for Spas - Zodiac 3 in 1

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Zodiac Instant Test 3 in 1 Kit - Test strips for simple, easy-to-read water testing for pools and spas. 

  • Perfect for Lithium, SpaCare, Theralux sanitisers
  • Quick result instant spa/pool water test kit
  • Contains 50 test strips per pack
  • Free Chlorine, Bromine, pH and total Alkalinity Water test

Cannot be used with Poppits / Sanosil System or with Bioguard Armour


  • Immerse strip for 2 seconds
  • Remove with pads face up. 
  • Shake once to remove excess water
  • Read immediately
  • Keep wet fingers out of the bottle.
  • Close cap tightly after removing strip.
  • In Pools, immerse strip to a depth of 15cm
  • In Spas, turn off jets and immerse strip to a depth of 15cm
  • For best results read in natural daylight.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. 

Made in USA