Gemini Aquaswitch 801 and 802 Pool Spa Control System by Pool Water Products

Model: Aquaswitch 801 Standard

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AquaSwitch is a very versatile controller that provides control of boost pumps, air blowers, pool lights, water features and garden lights. Easy to install, the AquaSwitch is an electrically operated low voltage plug in controller.

Coupled with the Gemini Button, a small and discrete pool or spa side button, the AquaSwitch allows remote operation at the touch of a button. AquaSwitch is available in Single or Dual options and both have a time out facility.

Gemini AquaSwitch single 10A control system - operate any single load up to 10A max from spa/pool side Gemini button. Electrical low voltage cable from Gemini button to AquaSwitch ensures positive operation every time.

Aquaswitch 801

  • Aquaswitch - 10A 1x Outlet 
  • Gemini button - grey
  • 10m cable or 30m cable
  • With or Without Auto-Time-Out

Aquaswitch 802

  • Aquaswitch - 15A 2x outlets
  • Gemini button - grey
  • 10m Cable or 30m Cable
  • With or Without Auto-Time-Out
  • With or without Time Clock

Gemini button:
66mm diameter
44mm hole diameter required OR slip fit into 40mm pressure pipe class 9


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