Hurlcon Astralpool 40mm HX & JX Heater Barrel Union - Nuts Tails O-Rings

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Plumbing Pipe Unions to suit Hurlcon & AstralPool JX and HX gas heaters. These are much stronger than the old style unions found on equipment years ago. The nut is much thicker. Comes with nut, tail and o'ring. This does not suit MX, Viron, HiNRG, most pumps.

Astralpool 40mm Heater Barrel Union - Suits HX / JX / WX heaters & some Hurlcon pumps from the 1990s.

Suits: HX 70, HX 120, HX 150, WX, JX 130, JX 160 gas spa heaters.
Dimensions: 57mm inner lip. For 40mm plumbing. Part number 78309.

Does NOT suit Hurlcon / Astralpool Pumps, Filters, MX, Viron, HiNRG, ICI Heaters. For 50mm unions, you will need these.

Full Union Set includes 1 Nut, 1 Tail, 1 O-ring