Hurlcon Astralpool 50mm O-Ring - Pumps, Filters, Heaters, Chlorinators

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70003 50mm O-ring for Hurlcon & Astralpool pumps, filters, heaters, chlorinators etc. Suits 50mm Tails. Were originally grey, and with age would squash into a square shape, and possibly turn whitish. New style o-rings are dull black. Note that standard o-rings cannot be used on this equipment. Astral & Hurlcon have used a much less dense (softer) material, as the harder o-rings can damage the plastics and fittings.


  • Series E, FX, CX, CTX, TX, P280, P300, etc
  • ZX, RX, E, FG, CL, GX, etc

Salt Chlorinators:

  • VX, E, Viron, etc

Actual Measurements:

  • Diameter: mm
  • Cross Section: mm

 water pipe seals gaskets 70003

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