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SV9605H 1004 - Honeywell SmartValve - Hurlcon Astralpool Raypak

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- We bought all remaining stock from Honeywell, Astralpool, and Raypak and sold out in 2022. 

- There is no legal alternative gas valve to replace these. Generally a new heater is required. Overseas versions of the Smartvalve are not compatible or legal for Australian appliances. 

Archived Information:

Honeywell Smart Valve Gas Valve Regulator for Hurlcon, Astralpool, Raypak, and other gas heaters. Also suits some other gas appliances. Hurlcon Astral part no: 73733. Raypak part no: 56609198. SV9605H 1004

Other Parts that may need be replaced when replacing the gas valve:

Part Numbers this is known by:

  • 9605H1004 24V, TPGHWSV9605H, HWSV9605H, 9605H1004, HWQ3450C116913, SV9605H1004B, 2501322

Suits The Following (and many more):

  • Hurlcon Astralpool Part Number: 73733 
  • Raypak Part Number: 56609198 H.S.I. SV9605H 1004 (Smart Valve)
  • Hurlcon AstralPool Models:
    • MX 125, MX 150, MX 200, MX 250, MX 300, MX 350, MX 400
  • Raypak:
    • Raypak 280, Raypak 350, Raypak 430, Some RP2100 models before 2019
  • Hurlcon HM and HB Boilers:
    • HB 200, HB 250, HB 300, HB 400, HB 500,HM 200, HM 250, HM 300, HM 400
  • Several brands of Hot Water heaters, Central Heaters and more.
    • Also suits other Gas system that uses the Honeywell 9605H-1004 Smart Valve® found in many heaters & hot water services used over the years.

    Important Information: 

    • For LPG, use the existing spring from old valve, or purchase a new LPG kit for these valves. This is found underneath the gas pressure adjustment. When replacing gas valves, gas pressure must be adjusted as per compliance label on heater.


     This SmartValve® controls not only the gas & flame, it also performs the initial hot surface ignition (HSI), and flame rectification from the flame sensor on the pilot assembly. These are not just a simple solenoid open/close valve, hence the name "Smart" Valve.
     The SmartValve® System Controls combine gas flow control and electronic intermittent pilot sequencing functions into a single unit. 
     The controls can also monitor the appliance airflow proving switch and limit string to assure proper appliance operation, and provide prepurge, postpurge, and timed trial for pilot ignition with 100 percent shutoff and retry.

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