Hurlcon Remote Heater Thermostat Touchpad Controller - Astralpool

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This controls all Hurlcon / Astralpool series gas heaters remotely. This is the touchpad thermostat that can go inside the house, wall-mounted, or elsewhere to switch the heater on/off and adjust the temperature.

Controls HX, MX, JX, WX, HiNRG, Viron heaters remotely. 

Note that in some cases, it appears that it may not work. This means that either the control system, or heater, needs to be switched into Slow Comms.

To Switch the Heater to Slow Comms:

1. Make sure Power is switched On @ Power Point
2. Turn power Off on heater @ Touchpad
3. Press & Hold On/Off button & press UP, UP, UP, DOWN (Make sure to Hold On/Off button while doing the UP UP UP DOWN sequence.)
4. Switch to Slow Comms.