Hydroair (Monarch) Spa Jet Diverter Valve Control Repair Parts - Cap, Handle, O-rings, Gate, Rotor

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Hydroair Part: Complete Repair Kit - Diverter Rotor Handle, including o ring seals.
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Common diverter parts for many older spas. This is the Non-Buttress style that suited Monarch and many other brands. Very common on Monarch Spas.

Parts Available:

  • Entire Kit
  • Cap
  • Handle
  • O-ring Set
  • Rotor / Gate

Important Notes: There are similar parts to these. In order for these to fit, your Cap must *not* have the word "Buttress" printed underneath. If it does say "Buttress" use the parts listed here. See below photo to double-check the thread on your diverter body.

"Buttress" is a later type of thread used. Non-Buttress "V-Shape" thread is used on older spas. 

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