Latching Air Switch for Spa & Pool Equipment - Standard - TBS301

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Latching Air Switch - 21A up to 250V | NC & NO. Most applications use the Normally-Open pins (top & middle). Older white ones broke at the nipple after several years. Replaces TinyTrol, Pres-Air-Trol, Tecmark and others. 

Fits many Astralpool & Hurlcon Air Switch boxes, Blowers, Davey Pumps, Edgetec Pumps, Hurlcon Timer Boxes and other pool equipment. Higher quality than many found. 

Note the top image is the style that supersedes all others. Replaces TBS301A, TBS-301, TBS-305, hq34-0002, PresAirTrol TVA 411E and many many others for up to 21A @ 240V (up to 5HP)

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