LX AP400 V2 Spa Air Blower - Supersedes AP200, AP300

Choose Plug Stylw: 3-Pin Standard Aus Plug (C38)

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LX AP400 V2 spa air blower that supersedes AP200, AP300 blowers. AP series air blowers have a 1" / 25mm threaded union for easy blower loop pipe connection. Commonly found on Chinese spas. Supercedes the LX AP300 & LP AP200 blowers.
  • Supplied standard with AMP plug/cord to suit Aeware in.ye or Balboa. 
  • Also available with blank cord or fitted with standard cat38 3 pin 10A plug.
  • 220-240v, 50Hz, 400w, 2.5A. 
  • 400w 2 stage motor for increased pressure. 
  • Suitable replacement for alternate spablowers with 'stated' ratings of 250-500w - 
  • 285mm high including threaded union, 170mm wide, 170mm deep. 
  • Mount vertically facing downwards
*Do not start the blower after gluing the union to the pipework as glue fumes that have entered the blower will result in an explosion if the motor is started. Best practice is to glue the union to the pipe with blower disconnected. Either connect the blower once it is already running or wait 1 hour for the glue fumes to dissipate, before screwing the union onto the air blower

* 1 year warranty on LX blowers

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