LX Heater Element - 2.0kW - H20-R1, H20-R2, H20-R3


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LX Flow Type replacement 2kw Incoloy Heater Element. Suits H20-R1, H20-R2, H20-R3 2.0kw, 230V

  • Suits LX heater tubes with two 10mm diameter holes for mounting.
  • Mounting holes are 25mm apart centre to centre.
  • Overall heater element length 170mm
  • 6.2mm diameter sheath
  • No terminal nuts supplied. These need to be re-used.

This element does NOT suit any other brand or model heater. Definitely does NOT suit any USA heater such as Gecko, Balboa, Aeware, Hydroquip, etc.

6 month warranty, excluding chemical damage, etc.

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