LX Whirlpool JA50 spa circulation pump 0.5hp, 375w

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Used on many Chinese manufactured / Aurora / Infinity Megastore / eBay / imported spas. 

LX Whirlpool JA-50 circulation pump with top centre discharge - used on most Chinese manufactured / imported spas as a circulation pump for heating/filtration. Comes with AMP cord.

The LX JA50 has mostly been replaced by the more efficient JA35. The JA35 is externally identical, and can be fitted in exactly the same place as a JA50. Unless your spa is running a gas heater, we'd recommend the JA35 or QB035

  • Comes standard with AMP plug. Aus 3-Pin, Mini JJ or in.link plugs available. Please order separately, and notify us when ordering so we can fit it. Or, you can use your old cord.

230v, 50Hz, 0.5hp, 375w, 2.0A


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