LX Whirlpool JA75 spa circulation pump 0.75hp, 500w

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LX Whirlpool JA-75 circulation pump. This is the Australian-Approved High-Spec version of this pump!

About eBay & Similar Versions of This Pump. The same model is sold as various grades:

  • eBay & many imported versions of this pump have no electrical approvals or certification and are illegal to use as they Do Not Meet Australian standards. 
  • Have lower grade mechanical seals
  • Have lower grade impeller plastic
  • Have lower grade bearings
  • They will also void any insurance, warranty and may damage your spa.

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LX Whirlpool JA-75 circulation pump with top centre discharge. Used on many Chinese manufactured / imported spas as a circulation pump for heating/filtration. Comes with AMP cord.

  • Comes standard with AMP plug. Aus 3-Pin, Mini JJ or in.link plugs available. Please order separately, and notify us when ordering so we can fit it. Or, you can use your old cord.

230v, 50Hz, 0.75hp, 500w, 3.2A