Onga Balboa 2391 1.25HP 0.7kW Heated Spa Bath Pump - B-23910100

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Accurate Stock Levels - Onga Balboa 23910100 - 2391 Heated w/ Air Switch. Hot Spa Pump 1.25hp with 1.3kW (1300W) heater element. Made in the USA. Comes complete with unions and an in-built air switch. This pump will run approximately 5-8 jets. Originally were under the Onga brand, but now are Balboa. The pumps are the same.

Balboa spa bath pumps are one of the quietest in the industry. They offer maximum energy efficiency for lower operating costs, as well as no water retention for perfect hygiene, water resistant enclosures, and multiple levels of safety for your peace of mind.

The Balboa Pumps provide excellent hydraulic performance in a compact and extremely quiet design. Designed to circulate hot water in (whirlpool) spa baths, these pumps incorporate a special internal design to ensure the pump self drains eliminating the build up of unhygienic/stale water.

Hydromassage Hot spa pump with unions and Air Switch.


  • Primary Heating Temperature cut-out 40°C
  • Secondary "Safety" Heater cut-out 45°C
  • Max Head: 12.0m
  • IP Rating: IP55
  • Inlet and outlet: 40mm PVC Pressure Barrel Union
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 55°C
  • Maximum Water Temperature: 70°C


  • 220-240V
  • Compact Design
  • Highly efficient motor
  • Self draining Volute
  • TEFC IPX5 Design
  • AU / NZ Certification
  • Quiet Operation

Pump size: (not including unions)

H:23 x L: 36 x W: 17cm

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