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Dega De-gas 100mJ Onga Spa Heater and Spare Parts

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Spare Parts and Repairs to all Dega Degas 100mj &200mJ  Spa Heaters. 

We no longer repair the circuit boards on these at a component level due to lack of parts, and costs involved. These heaters stopped being produced 20 years ago, and now require replacement.
 Replacement Dega Heater

Spare Parts List: 

- Flow Switch 
- Time Clock
- Gas Regulator
- Air Switch (Nipple)
- Gas Valve / Solenoid
- Heat Exchanger
- Thermostat Unit*

- Ignition coil
- DSI Ignitor
- Flame Sensor
- Temperature Adjustment Sub-PCB 
- Main PCB

This heater is now obsolete. Parts stopped production in 1993. Some heaters were assembled using new old stock until approximately 1999. Very few repairs may be available.

Replacement heaters are available.

De-gas Dega High Efficiency Compact Spa Heater 100 MJ For Natural & LPG Applications AGA Approval No 4433 | Dega Research Pty LTD Model: DE-GAS 100MJ Part Number 1-0989-00 | Onga Item No 1002850 SPAPAK 100mJ NG T/C BR9000 663 / Item No1002800 / Part No 1098800P / Onga item no 1002700


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