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Obsolete. Spa Ozonators up for 60mg/hr can be replaced with this system (eg Mog 15-60). Larger versions have no direct replacement. The closest would be this type of system. (eg Mog 120+)

Old Information:

  • Suitable for pools up to 60,000 litres and spas up to 3,500 litres
  • The Davey OzoMatic MOG 60 Ozonator is the perfect supplementary sanitiser system for use with swimming pools and spas
  • Ozone sanitises spa and pool water effectively by further eliminating harmful bacteria, body oils, urine, deodorants and soaps from the water
  • OzoMatic Ozone Generators can be used in addition to regular sanitation methods to improve water quality and greatly reduce chemical usage
  • Ozone generators must be used as an additional sanitiser only. The main sanitiser must provide a sanitsier residual between 1.0 ppm and 3.0 ppm

Davey Ozomatic MOG Benefits

  • The ozone produced by ozone generators does not irritate eyes or skin and will not discolour hair
  • Ozone is a powerful oxidiser and does not contain harsh chemicals, ozone begins as oxygen and ends as oxygen
  • OzoMatic Ozone Generators greatly decreases chemical usage
  • Safe for the environment and economical to run

How does the Ozomatic MOG  work?

OzoMatic takes oxygen from the air and turns it into very safe levels of ozone.

When ozone is added to your pool or spa water, it will remove contaminants and chemical byproducts which cause poor water quality and unpleasant odours

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