Raypak / Hurlcon Gemini Gas Valve - 36G24-205 & 36G22-210

Choose Model: 36G24-205 - For LPG

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Gas valve for Raypak Spartan 131 & Hurlcon / Astralpool HX & JX gas spa heaters. Note there are other valves listed for these heaters. Please use the search function in case your heater has a different valve. 36G24-205 is for LPG & 36G22-210 is for Natural Gas.


  • Features 24V Combination gas valve Suitable for DSI and HSI applications
  • Redundant and Main Solenoid
  • Two position on-off switch
  • Slow opening

VALVE LPG 36G24-205 SLOW OPN 24V AG5099, W01033S, W01033

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