Raypak Indoor Dilution Fan - R6MVAHT - 0.18Kw

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In some situations, it may not be possible to naturally control the venting of flue gas from a pool heating installation. There are many reasons for this – the location of the flue may make it unsafe for people nearby or there may be issues with very high or variable wind speeds. At other times, the natural flueing of the heater may be visually unappealing, requiring a rethink of this important aspect of a pool’s ventilation.

For flues that are facing these challenges, one of the best options is to invest in a dilution fan, also commonly referred to as a power flue. These systems will work for both indoor and outdoor installations, providing a safe solution for the distribution of flue gas.

At Rheem Thermal, we offer a standard 6mVA fan that is ideal for our Raypak pool heaters – including the standard domestic range and the premium line of heaters. We also have the expertise to provide larger dilution fans upon request.

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R6MVAHT - 0.18Kw

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