Spa Bath Pump Replacement Plumbing Kit - 40mm (48mm OD)

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This is a simple kit for use when replacing a spa bath pump to another brand or model. It includes Two 40mm (48mmOD) Pressure PVC Joiner Couplings, 300mm of 40mm (48mm OD)SpaFlex Flexible PVC Pipe, and a 118mL bottle of Weld-on 747 Flexible PVC Cement.

The Flexible PVC helps compensate for minor changes in dimensions & geometry between various pumps and models. This covers 99% of spa bath replacement requirements. 

Tip: To get more flexibility from the PVC, use a Heat Gun, Hair Dryer, or other gentle heat. 

We always recommend 747 or 795 when gluing pool and spa equipment. It is thicker than standard PVC and retains flexibility far superior to other PVC cement.

Suits 40mm pressure PVC, which has a diameter of approximately 48mm.